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Build your applications faster.

Take on new opportunities.

Be at the Cusp of the Latest Innovation

Developing applications in a cloud-native environment places you at the cusp of the latest innovation, enabling you to deliver the applications your users want at the pace your business needs.

Be at the Center of Your Customer Engagement

In today's fast-changing, software-driven market, the way you design, build, and use your applications is at the center of your customer engagement, and it boosts your competitive advantage.

Psychology and Technical Expertise

At New Math Data, we understand human behavior, and we bring technical expertise in cloud application services and serverless application development to design, build, and deploy intuitive, agile, robust, and scalable cloud-native applications across private or hybrid cloud environments.
We empower businesses by optimizing existing applications, speeding up new ones, and connecting all of them without compromising on app quality or security. We always off-load the “undifferentiated heavy lifting” and focus on delivering real value to our customers. 

Get up to Speed Quickly

With the help of modern tooling from AWS, we help our customers to get up to speed quickly, focus on code so that they do not have to manage infrastructure, and simplify development and operations. 
We build highly responsive infrastructure that automatically scales up and down depending on your workload. Infrastructure as code is at the core of our work. We deliver web applications created using IaC and deployed on services that minimize administrative overhead.

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