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What is Databricks

Databricks allows you to store and manage all your data on a simple, open lakehouse platform that combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to unify all your analytics and AI workloads.

Why Databricks is so popular?

Databricks is a cloud-based Data Engineering tool that is widely used by companies to process and transform large quantities of data and explore the data. This is used to process and transform extensive amounts of data and explore it through Machine Learning models. It allows organizations to quickly achieve the full potential of combining their data, ETL processes, and Machine Learning.

Big Data Analytics and AI with optimized Apache Spark

Unlock insights from all your data and build artificial intelligence (AI) solutions with Databricks, set up your Apache Spark™ environment in minutes, autoscale, and collaborate on shared projects in an interactive workspace. Databricks supports Python, Scala, R, Java, and SQL, as well as data science frameworks and libraries including TensorFlow, PyTorch, and scikit-learn.

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